Big…..Bigger…. Better: My Weight Loss Journey

I would like to thank everyone, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your awesome comments regarding my weight loss success that I mentioned in my Friend Friday post this morning!!
The questions that were asked this week to the Friend Friday group were concerning our feelings in regards to our body images.

I have, to be honest with you…..when I first saw the questions listed, I was hesitant to participate this week, only because these questions really hit home.

 I mean Cmon….who really wants to admit they have an issue with a part of their body they wish they could change? We pop in and out of blogs and websites all day long looking at the latest and greatest fashions, makeup trends and lifestyles of those we have come to admire.
How many of those people do you secretly wish you could
A) look like?
B) live like?
C) be like?
Everyone is always comparing themselves to someone else, even if they are doing it subconsciously.  We all do it…..maybe some of us just don’t admit it as freely.
Now ask yourself… many of the blogs you visit would post a photo of themselves in scruffy clothes, no makeup, or less than perfect hair?
Better yet…how many would admit they have or have had a weight issue, let alone post photos for the world to see the biggest struggle of their life?

I AM:)

I was always the kind of person who could eat what they wanted and never gain weight. I posted that my weight issues began when I turned 40, but in reviewing photos for this post, I realized it was longer than that. I can’t even tell you what happened..I don’t even know, I just know I woke up one day in 2006,  looked in the mirror and saw these faces staring back at me.

I look at these photos, look at my eyes, and I can see how unhappy I really was. I didn’t feel good about myself. Getting dressed each day was NO fun. I pretty much wanted to crawl into a hole and not come out until I lost 50 pounds:(

Look what can happen just four short months later. I’d guess I was an easy 175 pounds here. On vacation in Hawaii, never even wearing a bathing suit because I hated my body that much. I remember always looking around and being happy I was so far from home because no one I knew would see me in shorts.

Here is a classic example of me using “props” when photos were being taken. I would hide behind ANYTHING that was near me. I would grab a kid, a pillow, whatever was closest to hide the body I hated and was ashamed of.

Wow….just wow. Perhaps a change of hair color would make me appear thinner? Not by a long shot as displayed here, not even close. I remember dreading going out to any functions. I hated getting dressed up because nothing would ever fit me. I just kept getting bigger and bigger.

I’m pretty sure this was one of the last photos of myself before my weight loss. I had enough of tears at the computer while I waited for photos to download, HOPING there would be at least one “skinny” pic. There never was.

Having a weight issue goes far deeper than just the way you look in clothes. It pierced me to my very soul. I had NO self-esteem and hated the way I looked and felt. I even stopped buying fashion magazines because I wanted to cry every time I saw a model with the perfect body, the perfect hair, the perfect “everything”.

2010 was the year of Collette..just saying:)

My daughter Chloe, who had struggled with her weight since becoming a teenager, asked me to take her to Weight Watchers. I, of course, said YES, as I never wanted her to feel the way I did about my body image. We joined on January 13, 2010, and I weighed in at 150 pounds.
It was a HUGE adjustment for me as I was addicted to pop, yes pop, Pepsi to be exact.
I instantly removed any type of soft drinks from my diet and replaced those with water. Whoah….was that a tough!
I followed the plan religiously, eating my allotted points for the day, and began to exercise (which I did a whopping ZERO of prior)

I was pretty out of shape, to say the least and began to use home exercise videos until my stamina caught up with the rest of me. Let’s just say that Leslie Sansone and I became really close friends!! Her exercise videos were easy for me to follow, and I still felt like I had a great workout. I’d meet Leslie about four times a week in my living room.

I attended (and still do to this day) weekly Weight Watcher meetings and the pounds began to disappear each week! How groundbreaking….a great diet & exercise works:)
No matter how tough things got, no matter what cravings I had….I stuck to the plan. I was determined to never look back.
By the middle of May, I had lost forty pounds by just eating right (which includes breakfast lovlies) and exercise.

I learned soo much from Weight Watchers that I never knew before. Starving yourself isn’t the answer, it won’t work, so don’t even try it:) You need to EAT, to lose weight. You need to change your way of thinking and only eat when you are actually hungry, not bored, and exercise. ANY amount of exercise is better than nothing. Start off slowly…walk whenever you can. Use the stairs instead of the elevator…..get that body movin’.

For every pound you lose, you have lost 4 sticks of butter…did you know that?
This way of thinking, in terms of butter sticks, really helped me appreciate even the smallest of losses.
I have lost 160 fricken sticks of butter!!!

am I sharing these less than flattering photos with you?
Because I want YOU to know, if you have a weight problem, you are not alone.
There is something you can do to get healthy, feel better about yourself, and the way you look. Don’t try to go it alone. Recruit a friend to join with you. Being accountable to someone other than the scale was/is a lifesaver to this day for me. Chloe and I  challenged each other with exercise and turned to one another for support when things felt out of control.

My name is Collette Osuna
I am 42 years old
I weigh 110 pounds

If anyone has any questions or just needs a buddy to chat with about weight loss, I’d love to be a part of your support system.
Please email me @
You CAN be the person you have always wanted to be….the best version of YOU🙂

Yes, there is a lot more to fashion bloggers than just vanity:)