6 Uses of Lemongrass Essential Oil

A lot of you might think that the only use of Lemongrass essential oil is in making a cup of herbal tea but that’s not all it is useful for. It helps in treating fevers, inflammation, and is also useful in skin purification and odor control.

It is also powerful; analgesic which makes it an excellent pain reliever and is also quite useful in aromatherapy due to its lemony and earthy scent. Wondering about the uses of this amazing essential oil?

Lemongrass essential oil

Well, we have prepared a list of the top 6 uses of Lemongrass essential oil for you:

1. Treating muscle and joint pains

You can use this oil to relax your muscles and tendons and unknot them to treat the sudden spasms that occur during the day. It is also quite useful in providing relief from headaches and is ideal for users who are allergic to Peppermint essential oil. Trust me, this oil is the best oil to get rid of arthritis joint pain as it provides a soothing and calming effect on your joints.

2. Treats wounds

You can also use this oil to heal your wounds quickly and more effective. Just use it with a saline to flush the wound and then apply it with an antiseptic salve and then bandage the wound and keep it away from dirt and dust.

3. Useful as a flea and insect repellant

Another great use of lemongrass essential oil is to get rid of the fleas from your pets and keep all the other insects away from your home. For removing fleas, you can just pour a few drops of this oil on a piece of cloth and then wrap your pet inside the cloth to kill all the fleas. To prevent insects from crawling on your skin or home, you can apply it on a piece of cloth or your skin but make sure to dilute the oil with a salve when you are applying it to your skin.

4. Treats acne and other skin infections

Since Lemongrass acts as a mild astringent and has antimicrobial properties, it can help you in clearing up all the acne from your skin. It is also useful in treating a fungal infection known as athlete’s foot. You just need to mix it with a salve and apply it to the affected areas and your infection will clear up in just a few days.


5. Helpful in stress relief

This essential oil is also useful in stress relief which makes it a popular essential oil for aromatherapy. Just use this oil in your diffuser or pour 2-3 drops of this oil on your palm and then inhale it. You will feel your body relaxing and stress leaving your body if you keep inhaling for a few minutes.

6. Helps in reducing fever

Lemongrass Essential Oil is also useful in keeping the toxins from spreading and can help in controlling fever by fighting with the fever-causing infection. You can use it with the help of a salve and then apply it to your chest, neck, and the bottom of your feet.

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